Finding the Right Chartered Accountant for your Business

Thinking about hiring a chartered accountant in Hervey Bay? A chartered accountant is an individual who holds the necessary accounting degree to help businesses big and small in dealing with the financial aspects of their business. It’s good to keep in mind that the right chartered accountant could actually improve your chances of having a successful business. In fact they can take up a completely burned out businesses suffering heavy losses and make it profitable in a few years’ time.

Tips for choosing the right accountant in Hervey bay

Always do some research before you hire a chartered accountant? If yours is a small business you would need to find someone who specialises in helping small businesses. Similarly if your company has suffered losses and you are looking for the right financial advice, you again have to hire someone who knows their job well. Not everyone would be able to help you. Different accountants specialise in different area. Make sure you hire someone who could help deal with your particular demands.

Every time you are looking for a chartered accountant in Hervey Bay, you will be spoilt for choice. After all there are so many firms to choose from. Which one would actually be your perfect partner? Simple. Just make sure to take care of these tips.

  • Ask your business acquaintances. They would help you find someone they might have hired and are satisfied with their services. Not all accountants work in the same way.
  • Do they have the have the right degree and are they registered with the local chartered accountants body. A person who is registered has the necessary legal documents to carry out their practice.
  • Get to know their work experience. Someone with more than a decade of experience would be your best bet. They have seen all the ups and downs of financial decisions and know what actually works for particular businesses.
  • How much are they charging for their service? Keep in mind that a bigger firm would always charge you more.
  • Check out their references and testimonials. These are opinions left by previous clients whether they are satisfied with the services which are being offered.
  • What kind of individual have the firm hired. They should make sure to hire highly professional individuals who have the necessary qualifications.
  • How much do they stress on accuracy. A good firm knows the importance of accurate book keeping.
  • Do they keep up with the latest financial research? Are their professionals updated regarding any necessary development in the financial world? This is important because it helps keep you updated.

While hiring the right chartered accountant is necessary you also need to hire someone who you can work with easily. Often a person has all the necessary skills but you just never find yourself on the same wavelength as them. This is why it is so important to talk to at least two or three chartered accountants and then finally hire someone you could work with.

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10 essential digital marketing tips for businesses

Tip # 1:  Create a marketing plan for social media before you start

As with any action in the corporate world, it is necessary to make a pre-execution plan. The same goes for social media. Developing a digital marketing plan will put you on the road to success and help you avoid mistakes on social media. Learn how  to create a digital marketing plan  and watch your social media flourish.

Social Media Marketing Plan Plan

Tip # 2:  Conduct an audit of your presence on social media

Before creating a new social media profile, conduct an audit of your current digital presence. Social media audits are useful for gathering all your social profiles and passwords. To help you make one, use our  social media audit template  to get you started.


Tip # 3:  Your social media strategy needs to incorporate digital engagement

Thinking about digital engagement in your social media strategy can be a real threat to your company’s digital presence. For successful digital engagement, here are 3 steps: be proactive , always listen and be engaging .

Tip # 4:  Know when to outsource your social media management

Many companies, big or small, are subject to the same problem: should social media management be maintained internally or outsourced? When it comes to deciding to give the keys to your social media accounts, weighing the pros and cons takes time.

Tip # 5: Measure your social campaigns with Google Analytics

Your website is the cornerstone of your company’s online presence. Alongside your website is a great help: social networks. It’s important to integrate your presence on social media and your website to continually drive traffic to your online resources. After directing social media traffic to your site, the next step is to measure the fruits of your labor to improve. As always, this is where Google Analytics comes in handy.


Tip # 6: Social Media Monitoring is the Most Often Missed Opportunity

On social media, people have the power to say whatever they want about your business and your brand. It can be positive or negative. No matter how or why they share their feedback, it’s important not to miss the opportunity to watch your audience on social media. There are 3 ways to take advantage of social media monitoring. This blog post describes them and offers much more.

Tip # 7:  Any business should be on LinkedIn

You’ve probably heard this many times but I’d like to stress once again: LinkedIn is no longer an optional option for the company, big or small. This social network provides your business with credibility, an extensive network of professionals, sales opportunities and a marketing platform.

Tip # 8:  Learn how to schedule tweets to save time

Social media tools like Hootsuite eliminate the stress of managing multiple Twitter accounts with the ability to schedule tweets. Discover our 3 tips for tweeting at the best time .

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.37.02 PM

Screenshot of the Hootsuite Programming feature

Tip # 9:  Avoid digital strategy errors at all costs

Knowing what to incorporate into your social media strategy is the key to success. But do you know what should  not be  published on social media? Common tactics that can affect your social media presence are many. This blog post highlights errors to note on your list of “things to avoid”.

Tip # 10:  Tell all skeptics that social media is a chance for their business

There are many people who support the use of social media as part of the business, but there are still skeptics who do not see and understand their benefits to their business. Our barometer in partnership with Adetem and Visionary Marketing explains the importance and impact today of social media in the marketing strategies of French companies.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.40.06 PM

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Consulting & Strategy

Our consultants assist you in project management or fixed price: definition of your Web strategy, operational design of your projects, audits and recommendations.

Your goals

  • Be enlightened about the evolution of the interactive universe
  • Make your brand / offer known to a targeted audience
  • Define or recast your digital strategy (Web, mobile, social networks …)
  • Meet the expectations of users of your applications
  • Boost your online sales
  • To support you in your relations with specialized service providers

Our expertise

  • Positioning strategies and target analysis
  • Competition Studies
  • User audits & analysis of the existing
  • Feasibility study, prospective studies and prototypes
  • Architecture definition
  • Development of scoping notes and specifications
  • Media Campaigns & Digital Marketing
  • Assistance for project management


It is not always easy to see clearly in the evolution of the Interactive Universe , nor to know what is necessary to succeed to make live your company or your brand in the digital world.
The modes  follow the modes, and there as elsewhere, the prophets do not miss …
How to make the good choices  when you must engage projects over several years?

Novactive puts its consultants  at your disposal to guide and design your project , in accordance with your objectives. We can support you in the long term definition of your Web and Mobile strategy , as in the operational design  of a project, or the Project Management Assistance . Throughout our 15 years of existence , we have always cultivated two values ​​that are useful when it comes to choices: pragmatism  and the quest for quality  in the long term. 

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