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When it comes to CCTV cameras, you may need a qualified consultant or installer so that your CCTV systems work just the way you anticipated. Home surveillance systems are one of the best complete CCTV systems most sought after here in Sydney. Whatever the kind of CCTV system you acquire, you need to know their pros and cons just like any other type of camera, understand your requirement for you to opt for the best that meets your desire.


CCTV Cameras

As earlier stated, cameras come in different forms and with each spec and qualities best suited for certain situations. I will break down each of the best five cameras and display their up and downside for your information.


Dark-fighter-Technology Cameras

This kind of camera is able to pick images even with low light quality conditions to give you the best possible pictures. They can work both daytime and nighttime hours and rest assured of optimal performance from the dark fighter. They are equipped with CMOS ½ inch progressive performance sensors to allow the camera to capture images of low lighting illumination so that it processes quality images. The reason why it is a dual-purpose camera – day and night. Other salient features found in dark-fighter include line-crossing, automatic audio detection, and facial recognition and furthermore produce high-quality image definitions.



LPR & ANPR cameras read and stores registration of number plates of different cars. They come handy to offer swift solution to companies and organizations in tolling, tracking hotel overstay and management of parking. An automatic plate number registration and license plate registration camera help organisations obtain copious info in high traffic areas to keep their premises highly secured. Features of ANPR and LPR include intelligent information storing, and it can be able to distinguish cars banned from entering the premises and most importantly allow businesses to run without discourse.

External & Internal -Dome Cameras

This is a common type of camera best suited for indoor installation and surveillance. Its shape makes the potential vandal difficult to determine where the cameras are facing before executing their criminal activities hence makes them fall into uncertainty. Other exceptional features include; easily installed vandalism-resistance, and IR- night visionary.


C-mount Cameras

C-mount Cameras come with removable lenses to fit different application requirements. It can cover a long distance beyond 40ft courtesy of special lens of which most CCTV cameras cover 40ft or less. More benefits include support of changing technology, robust indoor use and bulk size in nature makes it noticeable hence deterring suspicious activities.


Thermal Image & Infra-Red Cameras

This is one the best 24/7 surveillance camera providing surveillance around infrastructures like airports, seaports, and other larger infrastructures needing 24/7 surveillance with quality images. The LEDs help the camera pick up moving figures in pitch-black and it can cover a long distance of up to 300 meters away still with the best image quality.


PTZ Camera

This type of camera allows the camera to span left-right, tilt up-down so that even with the low lens, it can still zoom images closer or further. It is suitable in places where a guard is there to operate the security system. More features of PTZ include; zoom with IR-night-vision, x36 zoom – “optical”, and high image resolution quality.


Installing CCTV cameras inside and outside your property will heighten your security, or look at hiring security guards to increase your level of protection.






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