Five ways to implement a Successful Women’s Leadership Programs

Is there a women leadership program currently being initiated by your company? How is your company planning to achieve gender parity?

Here you will read all about women’s leadership training and how the organisation can take advantage of it for their businesses.

Recently, most organizations have started to prioritise training for women in leadership positions. Women’s leadership training is necessary to achieve gender equality in executive and leadership roles. A study shows that companies with women occupying about thirty percent of leadership roles have a forty percent likelihood to achieve sustained and profitable growth.

Here are some essential points to note about how an organisation can implement women leadership programs:

Set Goals, Use Reporting, and Accountability

Goal setting, progress tracking, result sharing, and rewarding success shows the intent to encourage women in leadership. Encourage the team to send in reports, monitor changes, and watch its impact on their business unit.

Get Approval from the Top

Stakeholders and executives of the company involved with decision making should be engaged. But is this done? You should build your case, have a plan and training in place with clear outcomes that highlights the benefits it could bring to the entire company if more women are tasked with leadership roles.

Fix The Broken Rung

In 2019, Women in the Workplace published a report which states that women often get hired and promoted due to their past achievements while more men are hired and promoted due to future potential.

This report shows a significant obstacle for women to get hired at the entry-level, and gain promotion to management level due to their lack of experience. To overturn this situation, the organisation should set specific targets, set up the right training, and appoint more women in first-level management positions.

Create Opportunities for promotion at All Levels

Ensure a fair and transparent process of hiring and promotions. Establish criteria for precise evaluation, and reward top leaders who identify women with great talent and high-potential and help them get started.

Encourage a respectful and inclusive culture

An organisation with a top-down approach to management should appoint top leaders as champions of diversity. Start from the Top by including executive sponsors, line managers, gender balance board and entry-level professionals as champions of diversity. Let everyone learn not to be biased in their daily activities in the company. Train them on unconscious bias training, and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Also, in every decision making, ensure every genders opinion and idea is considered. Promote candid conversations and ensure inclusiveness.

A Successful Strategy for women’s leadership training

There is a need to hire more women to organisations. These women should be trained, promoted, and retained, provided they meet up with the organisation standard and ethics.

There are lots of women leaders ready to take on the position of responsibility if given a chance. However, they require support, exposure, and the ideal work environment to thrive. Also, these women need the right culture and decision making from the organisation, so they could be included in the long-term plans of the business.

Women leadership training is needed to help women have the necessary skills to excel in senior roles. The five essential elements mentioned above help position companies to hire women talent and have the right environment for growth. It also shows the companies resolve to attain gender equality and inclusiveness.

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